Manage your skills

Skills are important in Brijj, allowing you to record your skills allows your leaders to distribute the right work to right people and to build the right capability for the future. There are 5 types of skill you can add to your profile detailed below with descriptions of what they mean.

Skill Type Description      
Domain General or specific knowledge about an organisational activity, department or area. For example, Digital Marketing, HR Law etc.      
Models Data, Analytical or Scientific models used to describe, manipulate, classify data etc. For example Decision Trees, Linear Regression etc.      
Soft Non-technical attributes which enable someone to interact, communicate and operate more effectively. For example Presenting, Time-management etc.      
Technical Attributes and knowledge used to perform specific tasks in a persons area of expertise. For example Analysis, Visualization etc.      
Technology Specific technical tools, platforms and frameworks used to perform specific tasks in the persons area of expertise. For example, Python, SQL etc.      

If a skill that you want is not available in Brijj then please contact your admins to add skills.

How to manage your skills in Brijj

  • Go to the settings menu, available in the top right of your screen under the Avatar / Profile Picture.
  • Go to 'Profile'

  • To add a new skill, scroll down to the 'Your skills' section and click on 'Add'

  • In the popup, select the drop-down and choose which skills you would like to add. Please note, your existing skills will also appear in the list of skills to add to your profile. If you delete these out then they will also be removed from your profile.

  • Once your skills are added, you can amend your aptitude in the given skill. Simply click on the skill and amend your aptitude between 1 (Beginner) and 5 (Expert) stars.
  • Then press save.

  • If you wish to delete a skill from your profile, simply click the menu and then select delete.