Turn Cloud Storage off or on

Storing documents and files in Brijj is perfectly safe, however your organisations security policies may require that you do not allow your users to upload and store files in the cloud. 

If this is the case you can change your organisational settings to block users from uploading or downloading files from the system. 

Please note: Toggling this option will make all historic files unviewable but will not delete them from the system. Turning this setting off will make the previously unviewable files viewable again. If you wish to delete files from the system either delete them one by one, or contact support@brijj.io to have them deleted in bulk.

How to turn cloud storage on and off in Brijj

  • Go to the settings menu, available in the top right of your screen under the Avatar / Profile Picture. Click on 'Organisation'.

  • Go the 'Manage your organisation' section andGo the 'Block cloud uploads' button, and toggle off or on.

  • Click Save