Dashboard Consumer View

Brijj offers a summary dashboard to have overview data on the amount, quality and utility of the Insights that you have in progress, and that have been historically completed.

How to access the Brijj Dashboards

  • Go to the Dashboard, available in the top menu signified by your organisation name + 'board'.

Switching between Consumer and Creator View

  • In the top right of the Dashboard you will see a toggle which flips views between Consumer and Creator. Consumer View is the work you have asked to be completed as a consumer. Creator is the work that you are and your organisation / team are working on.

Charts and Information in the Consumer View

  • The top row of pills show the current number of requests made by you by a given status.

  • Requests by due date details the number of requests you have made by month over the preceding six months.

  • Total number of rated insights shows the number of requests that you have requested and fully completed ( rated the quality and utility of the work and provided context on the action / outcome of the work) along with the number which are yet to be completed.