Log Actions and Outcomes

Providing feedback on the outcome of a project is easy in Brijj. The most commonly missed step in the insight generation process is consistent follow up around the quality, utility and application of Insights. As a consumer, you need to provide feedback once work is delivered on;

  1. What was actually achieved and done with an insight once it was delivered.

Without consistently doing this follow-up work it is difficult to prove ROI on organisational Insight activities more difficult.

How to log actions and outcomes in Brijj

  • Go to the Collaboration Kanban Board, available in the top menu signified by your organisation name + 'board'.
  • Go to the 'Done' column and find and click on the relevant card for the request you wish to rate.
  • You'll be taken to the 'Ratings / Outcomes' Page. If you are already in a given request simply click on 'Ratings / Outcomes' in the 'request navigation menu'
  • Go to the 'Outcomes' section of the page. View the 'What decision/action was taken as a result of this work and what was the outcome?' question and provide your response. Be sure to add as much context as you can as doing so helps Brijj and your organisation know more about what types or Insight provide valuable and consistent results.

  • Answering this question may take more time than 'How would you rate the work quality of this work?' because making a decision, taking an action or achieving an outcome can often take time, so please answer this question when you feel it appropriate, being sure to communicate your intentions in the Deliverable conversation thread.
  • Once the Insight has had all 3 of its Quality, Utility and Outcomes recorded the request needs to be finalised by clicking the 'Rate Insight' button located in the top right of your screen.