Post Project Overview

Nearly all Insight projects have an output of some kind. Be it a live production model, a Dashboard, An Excel file, PowerPoint presentation or simply a "number". Having these outputs openly accessible, where appropriate, and attaching discussion around these is important to provide a full view of organisational insight and grows the data-led culture that all organisations need.

Consider the following when it comes to Delivering your insights.

  1. It should be absolutely clear to your stakeholders where to go to find their outputs and the available insights generated by their organisation.
  2. Recording discussion around deliverables and keeping it accessible and linked to deliverables   allows further insight creating a feedback loop further improving organisational understanding.

Brijj makes the storage, dissemination and discussion of Organisational outputs and insight easy. View the following Knowledge Base articles for further information.

  1. Delivering an Output
  2. Providing a Summary of Findings
  3. Recording the skills used to deliver work
  4. Submit a Project for Assessment