Add a Requirement

Building and Managing requirements in Brijj  is easy. You should consider providing requirements which provide detail on;

  1. Scope of Project
  2. Agreed Outputs
  3. Expected action or decision that is to be informed or conducted
  4. Parameters of analysis
  5. High level detail on models, techniques and visualisations to be employed
  6. Delivery Timeframes
  7. Criteria for project success
  8. Any privacy considerations

Having these pieces of information provided, documented and agreed is essential to the efficient commencement of projects and the reduction of rework.

The following instructions assume a request summary has been assessed and accepted / assigned to you as a creator.

How to Add a Requirement in Brijj

  • Go to the Collaboration Kanban Board, available in the top menu signified by your organisation name + 'board'.
  • Go to the relevant card for the request you wish to build insights on.
  • In the 'Summary Page' click on 'Start Building requirements'. This will take you to the Requirements Page.

  • If a request has already had its Requirements building started, then click on 'Requirements in the request navigation menu.

  • You will see that Brijj has already created a number of requirements based on the requests summary. To add new requirements, simply click 'Add requirement', go to the field and enter your new requirement. 
  • You can use the Summary page to find content for new requirements, or copy and paste snippets of information from the initial request. 
  • To submit click 'Add', if you do not wish to submit the requirement click 'Cancel'. 

  • The new requirement will now appear in the list of requirements providing a granular record of detailed requirements associated against the initial request.
  • If you choose to manage the work through the Brijj workflow then each requirement will appear as an individual card.