The Dashboard is where overview data and visualisations on your own work and your teams work is viewable.

Navigating the Dashboard in Brijj

The first section of the Dashboard is the 'Include all Creators Toggle' and 'Consumer / Creator Toggle'. This is where Creators and Admins can view just their own creator data, or the creator stats for the entire viewable team or can view either the work they have requested, or the work which they are working on. These toggles are not available for consumers and affect the data represented in the other visualisations.

The second section is Request Status Stats providing summary numbers by request status. 'Pending', 'Requirements', 'Proposal', 'In Progress', 'Done' and 'Rated'.

The third section is data on Requests by due date, Consumer department, average quality & utility scores for all work, and average quality & utility scores over the last 6 months.