The Collaboration Kanban

The Collaboration Kanban is where all work requested and in flight across your organisation can viewed. It is a complete high visibility view of all organisational insight.

Navigating the Collaboration Kanban in Brijj

The first section of the Collaboration Kanban are the Columns.

These are:

  1. Pending - Requested work yet to be assigned to a creator.
  2. Requirements - Work where detailed requirements are being built & discussed.
  3. Proposal - Work with detailed requirements completed and awaiting acceptance.
  4. In Progress - Work currently being worked on.
  5. Done - Completed work which is waiting for the evaluation of its quality and utility by a consumer.
  6. Rated - Delivered work which has been evaluated for quality and utility.
The second section of the Consumer Kanban is the 'Request Wizard' and 'Fast Request' Buttons. 
This is always located at the top of the Pending column. his is where Consumers make their data and Insight requests.
The third section on the Consumer Kanban are request cards:
These are split into 4 distinct areas:
  1. Request Title
  2. Request primary consumer and Creator Avatar
  3. Request info such as due date, attachments, proposal / deliver status etc
  4. Upvote button

The colour of a request card correlates with how that card relates to you.

Green cards are requests which you are a creator on, or if you are a lead, one of your team members are assigned as the creator.

Purple cards are requests which you yourself have requested, or if you are a lead, one of your team members have requested. 

Yellow cards are requests which you are a contributor on.

Red cards are requests which have been made but which have yet to be picked up by a creator.

Grey cards are requests which you have no relation to but which will be visible to you so that you have sight of all the organisational insight being conducted.

The next section is the Kanban / List view button which you can use to change the view of the Collaboration Kanban