Process Overview

A Creator and Consumer have separate but linked roles to play in delivering a Data, Analytics or Insight project. One cannot succeed without the other. Below you will find the step by step process, along with a brief explanation of why each step is so important and who is responsible for each step. You will also be provided with links for the related Help Articles.

The below shows the process when everything moves positively forward. Negative steps, such as rejected proposal, a cancelled Insight etc are possible, details of which are available in other help articles.

Step Responsibility Description Link
Make a Request Consumer The organisation needs a decision, action or outcome and it is up to a consumer to request the required Insight from a creator Link
Accept a Request Creator Sometimes a request is not viable considering the data landscape of the organisation, it is up to Creators to assess requests and decide if they should go ahead. Link
Build Requirements Creator From the Information Provided in the Request, a Creator needs to build a detailed list of requirements which outline the scope of the Insight work Link
Collaborate on Requirements Both Building Requirements cant be done by only the creator or consumer, they must both work together using the Technical and Domain expertise they both possess. Link
Submit a Proposal Creator After collaborating, the Creator should finalise a technically feasible proposal which provides the insight that the consumer needs and submit this proposal for approval Link
Approve the Proposal Consumer The Insight is being built for the purpose of informing a decision, action or outcome which is usually the responsibility of the Consumer to enact, so therefore the consumer should approve that the requirements meet this objective Link
Deliver the Insight Creator Once the Insight is built, the Creator should submit it for consumption Link
Collaborate on Deliverables Both Constant communication and collaboration is essential to the agile development of quality insights. Link
Assess the Insight for its Quality / Utility Consumer So the organisation is better served, the right type of work is being done to inform better outcomes and for Creator team improvement, the views of the "customer" is of paramount importance. Link
Detail the Action, Decision and Outcome Consumer The purpose of doing any Insight activity is to make better Decisions, take better actions and gain better outcomes the Insight consumer should provide detail on what actually happened as result of a project Link