Add, Edit or Delete Form Questions

Changing your form questions in Brijj is simple.  Bespoke questions allow you to include questions in section 3 of the request form, which your organisation may deem important when starting data projects. Adding or changing these will affect the questions provided to every user, so consider carefully which questions you include here to ensure they apply universally. Future updates to Brijj will allow greater control on bespoke questions, however for now, be sure to consider them carefully.  

How to change form questions in Brijj

  • Go to the settings menu, available in the top right of your screen under the Avatar / Profile Picture. Click on 'Organisation'.
  • Go the Questions dropdown and click 'Add' toenter the new Question you would like to appear. Please note, once this is changed all future forms shown in the system will show this question. Be sure that the question specified is universal or that the text used in the question specifies clearly who it is for.

  • Specify the text / label of the question in the 'label' field and select the type of question you would like to add. You can choose between Text, Select, Multi-select and Radio type questions.

  • If choosing 'Select' or 'Multi-select' you will be required to specify the options which will be available to users. You can do this by typing in the options into the 'Options' field and pressing enter to submit each option. To remove an option, simply click the 'x' button.
  • Once you have made your changes then press 'save'
  • To amend or delete a question simply go to the question, click the 3 dot menu and either edit or delete. Please note, deleting a question will mean it will not appear for any users going forward, however historical requests will still have the question and any submissions represent.