Delete Users

Deleting users in Brijj is simple. However we recommend that you only delete a user when they have left your organisation.  A strong Data culture depends on easy and comprehensive access to organisational insights, and so making sure everyone has continued access can greatly improve your data culture.

How to delete a user in Brijj

  • Go to the settings menu, available in the top right of your screen under the Avatar / Profile Picture and click on 'Users'

  • Search for the user using the search bar and click on the menu option by the user you wish to delete.

  • Click 'Delete user'
  • An additional warning item will appear, read this carefully. Consider if you still wish to delete the users account.
  • If you wish to cancel the deletion, press Cancel
  • If you wish to proceed, press 'Delete Account'
  • Once deleted, the users name will become 'Inactive' and can be viewed by selecting 'Inactive' in the user search as below.