Using Knowledge Articles in Brijj

Brijj articles are simple text based notebook style articles.

How to add an article into 'Knowledge' in Brijj

  • Go to the 'Knowledge', available on the top menu bar

  • Click on 'Add article'

  • On the next screen add a title, choose your article category and start to enter your content.
  • You can edit your content using the formatting tools as well as add basic tables to your articles. In future versions of Brijj the content you can add to an article will include imagery, links and code snippets.

To save the article to return at a later time click 'Save'. An article will not appear to other users until such as time as the article is published.

To Publish, click 'Publish'

  • To search for a specific insight, subject or term, enter the desired phrase into the search bar and the relevant insights will appear.

How to edit or delete an article in 'Knowledge' in Brijj

  • Go the relevant article you want to edit or delete. Please note, only the user who created an article can perform these functions.
  • To Edit, click on the pen icon
  • To Delete click on the trash icon.