Knowledge Overview

The Brijj 'Knowledge' section is a simple place for your users to write and share articles that can be viewed by anyone in your organisation. Its an easy way to share your organisations knowledge in a simple, searchable way. The Insight Library allows your stakeholders to have one place to discover and search for insights which have been delivered for your organisation.

How to access the insights library

  • Go to 'Knowledge' in the top menu bar

  • There are seven different types of article that can be added to 'Knowledge'
Type Description
Analysis An article to highlight or provide more context to a specific piece of analysis.
Data Catalog A data catalog article which helps technical audiences understand the makeup of your databases, columns and models.
Data Dictionary A data dictionary article which helps define and record terminology and business understanding.
Domain Knowledge An article type to provide domain knowledge which helps creators and consumers better understand your business / organisation.
General A general article type.
Newsletter An article which highlight important information your organisation needs to know.
Technical An article to inform other creators or consumers about a technical challenge, solution or related information.