Requirements Cards

Each requirement in Brijj can be further broken down into individual tasks, have context added, save down files relevant to the requirement and be collaborated on.

How to access a requirement card

  • Go to the Collaboration Kanban Board, available in the top menu signified by your organisation name + 'board'.
  • Go to the 'In Progress' column and find and click on the relevant card for the request you wish to work on.
  • Go the deliverables tab in the request navigation menu.
  • Click on and open the workflow.
  • To enter a given requirement card click on that card.

Adding additional context to a requirement

  • A given requirement may require additional context to be delivered. You can add this context and further information by accessing the 'Additional Info; section and adding this here.

Assigning an owner to a requirement

  • For requests which have multiple creator contributors you may wish to assign a given requirement to different people. To do so click on the Owner field in the top right of the screen and select the creator you wish to assign this requirement to.

 Adding and amending tasks in a requirement

  • Sometimes a requirement needs to be broken down further into individual tasks. To add a task go to the Task section and click 'Add Task'.

  • To edit or delete a task click on the menu item next to the task and select either 'edit' or 'delete'.

  • To mark a task as complete click on the checkbox next to the task.

Adding content to a requirement

  • Adding additional content can be done at the requirement creation stage but can also be added during the In progress phase.
  • Also during the in progress stage 'Notes' can also be added to requirements.
  • Go to the 'Attachments' section.
  • You can add links by copying or typing a link into the links field and pressing enter