Building and managing workflows

Each data and insight request / project is unique. Some may be very simple requiring a simple 'To-do', 'Doing', 'Done' workflow, and some may be complex requiring multiple interdependent stages. Brijj allows you to create a bespoke workflow for every request. Brijj workflows follow the Kanban methodology.

How to select Brijj's bespoke workflows

  • Go to the Collaboration Kanban Board, available in the top menu signified by your organisation name + 'board'.
  • Go to the 'Proposal' column and find and click on the relevant card for the request you wish to collaborate on.
  • Go the requirements tab in the request navigation menu.

  • Scroll down to the 'Workflow' section and select 'Use Brijj workflow'.

How to build a bespoke workflow

  • In the Workflow section you can view the Brijj workflow by clicking on the view button as below. Any consumers or creators with access to the request / project can view the workflow
  • You can amend the workflow by clicking on the Pencil icon as below. Only the assigned creator amend the workflow.
  • This section also gives information on the number of columns and so therefore steps in the workflow.

  • The default workflow is a three stage Kanban with 'To-do', 'Doing' and 'Done' stages as below.

  • If you wish to create a new step / stage or column click the 'Add column' button located in the top right of the screen.

  • If you wish to move a columns position, click and hold on the position icon.

  • If you wish to change a columns name, click on the column title and amend.

  • If you wish to delete a column then click on the bin icon.

  • To save a workflow click 'Save'

  • Now your workflow is ready, and once the request / project is in the 'In progress stage you can access the Workflow through the 'Open Workflow' button as below which is available on the 'Deliverables' page of the request screen

How to amend a bespoke workflow that's already in use

  • At any point during the development of your insights the creator may change the workflow. Simply click on and open the workflow.
  • Then click on the 'Edit Workflow' button which is available at the top right of the workflow screen.
  • From here you can amend the workflow as above.
  • In order to delete a column, you must make sure that it does not currently have any requirements within it.