Using the Insights Library

The Brijj Insight Library is a centralised store of all the insights that your creators have delivered through the Brijj system. It also allows you to upload historical insights, data, reports and outputs which were not managed through Brijj. The Insight Library allows your stakeholders to have one place to discover and search for insights which have been delivered for your organisation.

How to access the insights library

  • Go to the Insights Library, available on the top menu bar

  • The insights library is a simple view for your stakeholders to see the insights that are available across your organisation.
  • To access an insight simply click on the relevant row

  • To search for a specific insight, subject or term, enter the desired phrase into the search bar and the relevant insights will appear.

How to add an insight to the insight library

  • Click on 'Add New Insight' available in the top right of the insight library.
  • Enter a subject, description and any links or files then click next
  • Be sure to add a summary of the findings contained in the insight and describe the outcomes enacted by the organisation as a result of your work, if any.
  • Add any skills which were utilised in the production of the insight.
  • Click finish
  • You can cancel the creation of a new insight at any moment by clicking the 'x' in the top right of the popup.