Understanding and managing Team roles in Brijj

In any given team there are normal team members, and there are leaders within a team. Brijj reflects this reality with the Team roles designation. In effect, this designation simply gives some certain permissions.

Team Member: Is simply a member of the designated team.

Team Lead: Is a member of the team, but will be automatically allocated as a Contributor on any piece of work which is requested or managed by another member of their team. This means they will be able to view and oversee all the work of their team. Also for any request in which a team member of theirs is the consumer or creator on, the team lead can change the creator or consumer of the request to any other member of their team.

Changing a users Team Role

  • This can only be done by an Admin
  • A user can be designated as a Lead when they are initially assigned to a team, for this process please see this article. If however the user is already a member of a team follow the process below.
  • Go to the settings menu, available in the top right of your screen under the Avatar / Profile Picture. Select 'Departments & Teams'.

  • Go to the department which holds the team you wish to add a lead to by clicking on the department name.

  • In the next screen go to the team that you wish to change.

  • On the next screen, go the user you wish to make a Lead, and click on 'Edit'.

  • In the popup, select the role you wish to assign to them, either 'Lead' or 'Member' as above. If you wish to cancel the change click 'Cancel' otherwise click 'Update'.