Adding, changing or deleting a team in Brijj

Teams are important for classification in Brijj, allowing you to know who, and where your work is being requested, and completed. We recommend you replicate your organisations team structure, and attempt to limit the amount you amend or delete these teams. Changes will reflect across all of your users, but not your past requests. 

Teams: Low level groupings of direct teams like BI Team, Social Media Team etc. We recommend you replicate your organisations team structure, however Brijj allows you to create bespoke teams should you wish, factoring in the limitations outlined in this article.

A team must always be part of a wider Department.

How to add a team in Brijj

  • Go to the settings menu, available in the top right of your screen under the Avatar / Profile Picture. Select 'Departments & Teams'.

  • To add a new team, scroll down to the department you wish to create the team within and click on that departments name.

  • In the next screen, to add a team, click on 'Create'

  • In the resulting popup, enter the name of your new team. You can also add a description of the team. If you wish to cancel the addition of a new team click 'Cancel' otherwise click 'Add' 

How to amend a team in Brijj

  • If you need to amend or delete a team, go to the specific team, click the menu and select 'Edit'. Any changes you make will reflect across all users and requests.

  • If you wish to edit a team, click on 'Edit' and in the subsequent pop-up enter the amended team details and then click 'Update'. If you do not wish to make the amendments, instead click 'Cancel'.

How to delete a team in Brijj

  • We recommend you try to avoid deleting a team and instead edit if you want to make a change. However if you wish to delete a team simply click on 'Delete'.
  • If the team has no teams or members the department will be deleted. However, if the team has members within it, then all members will remain in the department, but lose any team designation.
  • For this reason you may want to create new teams for your members to be moved into ready for redistribution.
  • If you wish to continue with the deletion then click 'Delete.
  • If you do not wish to delete, instead click 'Cancel'.