Change your profile picture

All new users in Brijj are automatically assigned a default picture. Your default picture will depend on what your role in Brijj is.

Creators: A random selection of robot, android, cyborg or data / virtual based film characters such a 'Data' from 'Star Trek', or 'Trinity' from 'The Matrix'. 😎

Consumers: A random selection of corporate or office based film characters such as 'Jordan Belfort' from 'Wolf of Wall Street' or 'Pam Beesley' from 'The Office'. 😊

You can feel free to keep these default avatar pictures. However, changing your profile picture from its default in Brijj is easy. Once you have done this, your profile image will change across the entire system and be viewable by all other users.

How to change your name in Brijj

  • Go to the settings menu, available in the top right of your screen under the Avatar / Profile Picture and select 'Profile.

  • Click on the image in your profile page, and then select either 'Remove' ( only available if you have replaced a default image) which will delete the current picture within the system and return you to a default image, or click on 'Change Profile Picture'.

In the Navigation pane, navigate to the picture you would like to use (PNG or JPG no bigger than 1000px wide and tall) and then press 'Open'